[NEW] Chords Kunci Gitar Dom Kennedy - Yesterday Was A Good Day lyrics Lirik Terjemahan Arti Lagu


It goes one for the weather, two for the trees
Three for the Imapalas, four for the Ds
I don’t have a job cause I’m employed by the streets
I make dope music, my niggas flow to it
I bring hope to it, like Ali at the Olympics
… Though my vibe is something different
It’s live and something rhythmic
Might remind you of the Tribe or something near it
But I strive for something closer
I’m more NWA when they was running through the posters
Remember popping up your toaster
To get your pop-tart to make it back before commercials?
And Family Matters was your curfew
When it got canceled did it hurt you?
I almost crushed up the changer
… But I had a crush on Topanga
And 36 was the Chambers
I wish I knew then that hip-hop was endangered
What I wouldn’t do to save her
(… But why wouldn’t you just change her?)
I’m all out of tears like cord kord chord Dom Kennedy - Yesterday Was A Good Day lyrics kunci gitar I’m M.J. Blige
Don’t wanna be LeBron or what MJ was
Cube go (ooh), and BIG say (ahh)
… And yesterday was a good day
Drove it to the pad and I’m coastin’
New fresh tee, pair of kicks and a Oakland
And just yesterday some dude came up and asked me
Where I was performing, I told him “nigga that was last week”
No question, gave him a handshake and showed this girl some affection
So I can run up in her section
I’m at Leimert Park, the intersection
I really love head and into sexin’
And chords Dom Kennedy - Yesterday Was A Good Day lyrics lyrics we getting chips like keno
And hitting all them girls in skinny jeans that dress emo
Live in high-def, no TiVo
Ladies love Dom, that blackberry-dash, T-Mo’
And she know exactly where I be though
Right in front of Earl’s, Player’s Punch with the Fritos
Undefeated cool, so cool like Tebow
I should win lirik terjemahan arti indonesia Dom Kennedy - Yesterday Was A Good Day lyrics download mp3 a Heisman just for rhyming on these beats so
Reload, fifteen in the clip
Cause I don’t want my mom so sick like Ne-Yo
My sister found Nemo, I found some old Premo
Tell Big I love the do’ but I ain’t never rolled cee-lo
Leimert Park styling, D’s with low mileage
She is so ’bout it, I am so down if
She goes down, goes down like 4s bouncin’
And we can get high, get high off four ounces
Haha, I boardwalk with four houses
All my young niggas waste money, no accountants
Views of the marina, bitches know the outcome
Urban Outfitter jeans, baby come up out them
X with no Malcolm, rose with no stem
I lay it on thick, your flow is so thin
Like opening my front door, you know I go in
Your girl is so wet, she know I’m gon’ swim
I guess that’s the end…

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